Caférable maple butter is the perfect combination between the daintiness of maple and the invigorating taste of coffee. This product is certified
“Aliments du Québec – Bio”.

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A Great Classic ...


The Mibirizi coffee offers hints of chocolate in a perfectly balanced body.

Never ceases to amaze!

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A star from Rwanda!


ESPRESSO ZANZIBAR is a judicious blend of fine Arabica, its subtle acidity, with spicy notes.

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The Bouquets Gourmets workshop
Located in Racine, Quebec, the Bouquets Gourmets workshop is where Trésors d'Afrique coffees are roasted and packaged.

Cafés Trésors d’Afrique

Béatrice Mukagakwandi was intimately linked to the coffee world at a very young age. Her parents grew a small coffee plantation as a means of subsistence. Only incessant care to harvest quality crops could fulfill the family’s needs. This is how Béatrice learnt the importance of developing long-lasting relationships with cooperatives that produce coffee in her native country, where she is aware of the best soils.

Béatrice is the founder of Bouquets Gourmets and the Trésors d’Afrique trademark. She personally conducts transactions with cooperatives in Rwanda, her native country. This certifies the products’ origin since there are practically no middlemen.

We are proud to offer you the best Arabica beans from Rwanda. Our coffees are the result of relentless work when it comes to selecting growers and soils, and carefully sorting the perfect beans to be shipped directly to Québec and roasted at our workshop.